there are a lot
of directions
you can go
in this life

but I think
the most
important direction
is to just
keep moving
in the direction
of yourself

that way there are
no timelines
or deadlines
or faultlines
that keep you
limited and small

instead you
just keep
flinging yourself
off the cliff
of self discovery
you feel called

trusting you
will be there
to catch you,
no matter
which direction
your heart
so falls


the other side

You cannot protect
yourself with ignorance
or avoidance
or addictive distractions

for just as you numb
the part of yourself
who would
shake you awake,
call you to change,
demand you walk through
your shadows
so you can find light
on the other side

so do you numb
the part of yourself
who would
shake you awake,
call you to truth,
demand you walk through
your heart
so you can find love
on the other side

this is why
we do the work,
not because we
love the shadows
but because we can’t
help but be drawn
to the promise
of what waits on
the other side



I would like to
bathe in a waterfall
for breakfast
and lounge under
the shade of a
coconut tree for lunch

bask in the light
of the sanguine sun
and every time life
begins to feel dark,
wade in the sea
and let the ancient salt
cleanse my broken pieces
as the ocean sings
it’s song of let it go

and I have decided
that when I grow up
I should very much
like to live in
Hawaii someday



not everything
is meant to last
beyond the scope
of its season

it’s the crumbling leaf
afraid to fall
and receive rebirth
of new ground,
or the rigid winter
who clings so tight
to it’s varnished cold
that it never allows
itself the grace
of softening
so it can become
new season

and sometimes
letting go
is just that easy,
receive rebirth,
and allow yourself
the grace
of softening
so you can become
new season



There will always
be somebody
who says you’re
doing it wrong.

That you love
too much
or love too little,
that you’re taking
the wrong path,
as if they know
your right one.

That you’re
too happy,
or abundant,
or successful,
or talented.

Or maybe it’s
that you’re not
of any of these things,
because your
comes from
something deeper,
and they don’t
have eyes to see.

There will always
be somebody
who thinks
you should be
somebody else,
because it is
more convenient
for them or makes
them feel better
about their own
well defended heart.

The trick is
to hang on real tight
to what matters,
to keep your
own heart clear
so you can listen,
and above all else,
to be yourself.