Leave behind
your skins of yesterday.
They no longer suit you.

Shed the spaces
keeping you confined.
Can’t you see you’re trapped?

Run fast from
that which doesn’t serve.
You are meant for more.

If you do not flee
your incubators,
boxes and comfort zones-

You will never know what
is waiting outside.

You will never notice
your budding wings.

You will never see
the freedom of sky.

You will never realize
your ability to soar.

You will stay so busy
seeking safety of cocoon.
your furled, clipped wings
will never know chrysalis.

Fly far and free
my winged friend
Let yourself become.


She Is

She is in
the songs of the soil
reminding us to stay grounded

She is in
the stretch of the trees
reminding us to keep reaching

She is in
the sigh of  the sky
reminding us to breath deeply

She is in
the of sheen of the sunset
reminding us every day brings new colors

She is in
the sacred secrets of the forests
reminding us life has many mysteries

She is all around
reminding us, reminding us
to return to her wide open spaces and remember
who we really are

20140422-080927.jpgHappy Earth Day!


wishing well

if I had a penny
for every time
I used to wish
it were not so

my cup would
overflow with copper
but my life would
not be the radiant
kaleidoscope of now

made bright by
the wisdom of my
were so’s
made rich by the
grace found in
unmet wishes

that’s the thing
about wishes
sometimes life has
more radiance
for us in our
kaleidoscope of nows
then in our wishes
which go unanswered

one might just
wake up someday
finding they’ve
traded a cup of copper
for a cup of content
and realize it’s exactly
what they wished
for all along



if we could find
beauty in the cracks
those broken
nooks and
crannies of life,

perhaps we would notice
it is the wildflower
who insists on
growing wherever
there is space,
bringing us unexpected
bursts of color and joy.

if we could find
beauty in our cracks
our broken
nooks and
crannies of self,

perhaps we would see
our resilient wildflower
trying to grow wherever
there’s space,
coloring our souls
with bursts
of unexpected joy

if we have eyes to notice.