simple saturday

when it came down to it,
there wasn’t much he took
overly serious

he ran counter culture
caring little for image
or prestige or attaching
to things that looked good
from outside but left you malnourished and emptied
at days end

but he took relationship
seriously and he took
her seriously

which is why on a
simple saturday
with no pretense but
the honest of hearts
he gave her a ring
and said will you?

and she said yes



at times safari was nothing
like we thought it’d be,
and we quickly realized
there was really no way
to adequately prepare for
such uncharted territory

we had no map or compass,
outside of coming back to
a place of turning unlove into
love whenever we got lost

and it helped me figure out
quite fast the landscape of
this strange terrain which is:

it doesn’t matter how many
times you choose someone
when the jungle is good,
what matters is that you
would still choose them
when the jungle gets bad

let unlove become love
and choose them anyway

this became the north by
which we learned to travel


the road less traveled

the longer I walked
the authentic path
of the heart
the more I knew
that anyone who
ever uttered
the words,

I never said
it would be easy
I only said
it would be worth it

had journeyed too
down the same
path and knew
that which is
most beautiful
and precious
and worth
the weight of soul
will never come easy,

but must be chosen
despite all obstacles
again and again
and again

so long as the
soul requires it


creation song

she craved the
sounds of that
holy hymn,
the soothing
tone of her own
creation song

found only in the
silent breath of
sighing heart
and quiet
sanctuary of
still center

who whispered
so softly she
knew she must
approach her alter
with gravest of
carving out
sacred space
in the midst of
chaos and change

so she could
entreat with love
and carefully find
the eyes to see
the ears to hear
the words to sing
into fullness of being

she craved the
sounds of that
holy hymn

the soothing
tone of her own,
creation song