What a strange thing
to realize while
she found herself
ugly in the depth
of despair,
she came alive
to her beauty.

With nothing left but
the words written
on her heart reminding
her to love anyway,
the needle of her broken
compass telling her
to keep searching,
and a clinging scrap
of faith that whispered
life knew what it was doing,
she found solace.

Stripped of all else,
her soul was beautiful
in the dark of her need.


grace of seasons

like the grace of summer
we too are given the grace
of full bloom and realization

like the grace of autumn
we too are given the grace
of shedding and release

like the grace of winter
we too are given the grace
of endings and deep sleep

like the grace of spring
we too are given the grace
of new life and rebirth

like the grace of seasons
we too are given the grace
of change and fresh breaths

so by the grace of love
may we allow it
may we breathe with it
may we release our souls unto
the grace of seasons
and let our paths dance
where they may



They had barbecue and peach
cobbler and made easy
conversation about blue skies
cloudy days and spring dreams.

She told him about the time
she lost her joy and how she’d
searched so hard to find it.

He told her that she was
his joy and that he’d
searched so hard to find her.

They swung on the swings
and let it all wash over them,
the blue skies, the cloudy days
the losings and the findings.

The joys.