I don’t always
what makes
worth it

some days
I feel so heavy
with stories
I can’t find my
through the winds
in those trees

but I know
I saw a heart
and I watched
the sun bless
a raven soaring
clean sky

and I had
just enough
to find new air
to turn these
raspy lungs
into an
instrument for
clear melody

and I know
for now
that is




when I have
been too long
what others
wish me to be,
my heart feels
stretched and tight-
thready of beat,
and nothing
makes sense
in this unfriendly
cold place

it is only
in coming back
to a space of
quiet being that
I find myself safe,
on the shores
I’ve built from
truth and love
and something
freed within
that sees the
sacred in all

then the skies
open wide
welcoming me
as friend,
blessing me
with their soft
pink promise,

you are seen
you are loved
you belong



we can all be so very
hard on ourselves

walking around with our
not enoughs and
high expectations and
should’ve been betters,
clamoring for judgement

forgetting that everyone
looks the same inside,
all stardust and spirit
and hearts in various
stages of unfolding
trying to know love

forgetting that love
begins when we turn
a kind eye inward
towards the not enoughs
and should have beens

looking on them
with gentled gaze
that says,
even you
Especially You,
are deserving of
my love



there had been days
that were so dark
she felt she’d
spun herself out
of a cocoon of
loss and midnight

which made it all
the sweeter
to hold the light
in her arms
and know that with
a little help from life,
she’d brought
herself here
to this precipice
of new space

and in this moment
she would find joy