I had these
fairy tale dreams
and numinous visions
that got me through
each day

some called me idealist,
some thought me
a touch odd,
some said I wasn’t
living in the real world,
that I should plant my feet
more firm on practical ground

but all I know
is that I refused to live
in a place bereft of more,
and decided I liked
my version better

so I saw magic,
everywhere I’d go


love is the only cure

Love was
the only cure
I’d ever found,
and I couldn’t
help but see it
everywhere I’d go.

I saw it in my friend
who finished her race
through ironclad odds.
I’m convinced it was
her heart that pulled
her through because
quitting meant loving
just a little bit less,
and she doesn’t know
how to do that.

I saw it in the eyes of
this little blind dog who
carried the kinds of sad tales
that could close up the
strongest of hearts.
Yet she curled in my lap
with such tenderness
and naked affection,
I knew she saw something true
I’ve yet to fully see.

And I saw it in the
lines of care etched
across his face each
time he looked at me,
deconstructing any defenses
that kept love out,
for how could those walls
possibly remain standing
beneath such purity of gaze.

I don’t always know
why I feel the dark.
Maybe because change
really is that hard.
Or maybe because
I stare at the world
with both eyes open.

Or maybe it’s just
that Octobers,
no matter how beautiful,
always make me cry a little
for something I can never
fully put to words.

But this I do know,
for I can’t help but
see it’s power stamped
everywhere I go.

Love is
the only cure
I’ve ever found.


October Ground

The longer my feet
trace a path along
the steps that mark
our days,
the more I find
my riches in that
which is most
simple and dear.

The company of
a good friend.
Feeling loved.
The way the leaves
leave the trees
eager to meet
October ground.
A warm cup of soup.


peanut butter chocolate

in a relationship

I found the
whole thing
rather confusing
since I’m just me

but here is what
I do know

he was my
favorite person
the best of the best
my peanut butter
chocolate ice-cream

I liked having
him around
and in the end
it was as simple
as that

peanut butter chocolate,
my favorite

of course I said yes