thirsty ground

self love isn’t selfish

for when we entreat
with ourselves with
exquisite tenderness
and learn to love ourselves
with abiding affection

we become gentler
softer, kinder
more accepting of
our nuanced shades
more embracing of
our myriad parts

the compassion we
come to know inside
can’t help but change
who we are outside
so everything we touch
becomes gentler
softer, kinder

and then we get to become
these beautiful, walking
canvases of grace
whose love spills out
upon the thirsty ground
wherever we may go



you will always need
to descend
before you can
letting yourself
spiral down
into the fiery depths
when life calls you there

looking through
the flames in search
of that which you can
bring to the surface,
for that piece of carbon
which withstood the
heated blast changing
into something else
all together

because deep down here
in the darkest depths
is where life’s shrapnel
obliterates all but the
strongest of stuff

and so we must go
if we wish to find
the treasured place
where our diamonds
are formed


sticky grey

maybe it is okay
not to know the answers,
not to know how to feel

to simply make your way
through the sticky grey
like a mouse sensing
it’s path in the darkness

knowing that you’ll get there
when you get there,
and in the meantime there is
the unrealized truth of this
moment and the next
and the next to be had.


wild sea

sometimes I think about
the moments that shape us
and define us

we don’t even know
it’s happening,
life’s tide slowly washes
against our sea swept coast
creating new lines

until one day we wake up
and realize we are different
than we were before,
life eroding each grain
that wasn’t meant to last

leaving us castles made
of the finest sands and
a shore ready to receive
the precious gifts of wild sea



To offer myself
without apology.

To release the guilt
which likes to take up
residence uninvited.

To transcend the shame
realizing it’s theirs
not mine to own.

To be with permissive ease
my undiminished self.

To be misunderstood
and know my heart is not
for others to understand.

To empower myself
to create a lovely life
of my choosing.

To find joy in the
brambles and dignity
among life’s thorns.

To know when to yield
and when to be
an unyielding force.

To nurture relationships
which support my thirsty soul.

To release all others knowing
they are not mine to hold.

To have the courage
to love myself beautifully
and magnificently.

To offer myself
without apology.

This is the kind of woman
I’d like to be in this world.