My dear friend,
I know the space
of comfort,
was comfortable
to inhabit during
your time…
but now you
have been called
to something

For somewhere in
the middle of joy
and terror, you’ll
find the space
where life

We call if fear:
but it is really
the presence
of the great unknown
knocking at our door-
inviting us to
be more
know more
live more,
than we did before.

Being fearless
is not about
the absence of fear,
it is about mustering
up the courage-
to move forward
into the face
of our fears,
so we can find
the life waiting
on the other side.

And my dear friend,
I know you have
such courage.

Unfurled Heart

You are powerful,
so much more
than you believe.

And if you just sit
with unfurled heart,
and feel your own
fullness deep
in your ground,
and open up your
throat to your truth;
so you can speak
those gems
like precious pearls,

You would see-
the sublime capability
of your own being.


The Keepers

There is no secret
to happiness.

But there is learning
to find life where
you are planted,
and learning how to
breathe in something
bigger, than just yourself.

And there is listening
to the crackle of a fire
on a simple Sunday night
and getting lost in the
magic of the moon, then 
finding your way home
under it’s tender,
burnished gaze.

There is no secret
to love.

But there is learning
to meld with the soul
of another, and knowing
the world becomes lighter
when we laugh together.

And there is exquisite
kindness and putting
yourself out on that limb
each and every time-
even if it means falling off-
for someday soon I know,
You will learn how
to catch you.

There is no secret
to life.

But there are great mysteries
who await your finding,
and there are these precious
days whose moments
we can embody.

And there is learning
to inhabit your gorgeous
gift of self with all the
grace and courage and
utter humanity
that you can muster.

There is no secret
other than:
it’s all a secret,
and us the keepers.

And if you stay open,
it will reveal itself to you
in everything that has breath.
In each change and shift
of heartscape.
In every brave act of change.
In anything that you love,
because when you love-
you have surely seen
the face of Life and know
the benediction of salvation.

In a quiet space of being
under a magic moon,
on a simple Sunday night.



You took the crumbs.

Convinced yourself
it was your due,
and it took you years
to realize you deserved
the whole loaf-
even if you had to learn
to be your own baker.

You’ve asked
for so little so far,
and now it’s your time
to know more.

So lift your spirit
to the sky,
and keep releasing
the lessons of the past
as often as need be,
and turn your attention
to that magnificent source
of life who has always
been with you and
who got you this far.

Do you hear the message
in its hallowed beats?
Do you feel it stretching
and trying to grow?
Do you know how deep
it longs for you?

Love was in you
all along-
you’ve only had
to make the space
to find it.


places to go

My dear one-
you are
not bad,
or misshapen,
or ugly,
or wrong.

Please stop
running yourself
around in circles,
face pressed
in an endless game
of dizzy bat.

Or you will
never see where
you are going:
and my dear one-
You have
places to go.

You have been
exactly what
you needed
to be
to survive
these times;
remember that.

And now that life
is giving you space
to learn
to walk free-
release your shames,
lay down those fears,
grab ahold of these days,
and learn
what it is,
to give yourself
permission to be.