folds of life

Sometimes you
have to lose your edges
to soften into the
folds of life
and allow your

You don’t have to be
perfect or together
or sorted or controlled-
Do you see those
are the very things
that keep us from
what is real?

It is enough to
be human and
to uncover the map
of the whole of our
experiences along
the way.

I once spent a year
acquainting myself
with the area of sadness:
I learned its limits end,
when they intersect
with the territory of
self compassion
and love.

It was a year,
well spent.


The Woods

You cannot find it
in a store or in the rush,
or on a screen-
that opening you
feel inside when
the water rushes by
and the air breathes calm
and a bald eagle rests
high in a tree,

It is a sanctuary,
a coming home
to self,
a reminder of
how it feels
to be here now.

I cannot find it
anywhere else;
but I can find
myself a thousand
times over in
these woods.



Life changes us in the gaps.
Those cracks in between
the position where we used to be,
and the direction where we are going.

How sudden it is, that you can outgrow
a space- or maybe life outgrows
it for you and forces the change
so you become like Alice, taking
an irrevocable bite that grows you
beyond the boxes you once fit.

And you find yourself in this strange place
– the wonderland of soul-
which calls you to be the spiritual carpetbagger:
forever finding your lines so you
can journey outside of them,
forever learning to attach
so you can learn to detach
forever finding a place of rest,
so you are rested when called to move on.

Most days, I don’t know quite
where I am going, but I know it has a
great deal to do with love and kindness
and learning to become. And I know
that while I don’t always love the gaps-

I’ve learned to trust and rest in this
cradle of change.



It is a ripple
our legacies;
the life we cast
out into the world
creating waves
upon waves,
we cannot
always see.

One never
knows which
waves may wash
upon another’s shore,
offering them
a wash…
of kind ease.

Our efforts
don’t have to
be grand-
just sincere,
for when all
is said and done,
the scope of our
work pales,
in the bright of
the scope of
our heart.



be the peace

We cannot make
the world make
but we can work
to find peace,
within ourselves,

And we can take
that peace and
share it in the
places we walk
and be a calming
contribution of
hope and heart,
in a time
of dis-ease.

You may think
your efforts
are small…
but just
ask anyone
whose ever been
lost in the dark:

Even the faintest
flick of light matters.

To Know Joy

There are joys
to be found,
even in the most
ordinary of days-
sometimes I have
to look a bit closer
to find them.

They hide
in the heartbeat
of the blue birds
and the blithe
branches of trees.

They sit quietly
-waiting to be noticed-
in our every breath
and the clean slate
of possibility
that comes with
the dawn of day.

They step out
into the open
through life’s ability
to carry on,
in a world
that has the grace
to keep spinning,
no matter how much
it aches and hurts.

They are there
-before eyes that
will not see unless
they have learned
to gaze through the
window of soul-

And you will know
them by their
gifts of love.

You will
know them by
their Love.


Morning Light 

The morning light
could tell a million
stories of times
since past.

It’s lived the
promise of new day
so many ages over,
it wisely understands
that simple promise
the very definition
of grace.

It makes me
think that I too,
should like to be
as the morning:

Always returning,
even when my skies
have been clouded
by the night.

Always forgiving,
even when my times
have seemed

Always true,
for I know my place
in this world and choose
to rise faithfully.

Always constant,
offering whatever days
I am given to grace
a healing measure;

Of love’s light.