for tux

he had been his friend
faithful and true
traveling across the ocean
in a carrier cage

he tucked into small spaces
took breaths like Darth Vadar
and looked at his human
as if he’d hung the moon

he had a black coat
a jokers smile
and an unassuming posture
other than the assumption
that he be near his friend

and he will be missed


safari: chapter 2

at that point they
had been on safari
long enough to realize
three things

1) safari never looks
like you think it will
2) that’s what makes
it an adventure
3) she loved this man

she loved him for
allowing her to construct
a treehouse of colors
and dreams and for
sharing in her vision
of madcap delight

she loved him for
the way the flames
of his fiery passionate Leo
danced upon the waves
of her moody fluid Cancer
melding into one another
in imperfect symmetry

she loved him for that time
he lost himself on the shores
of the City of Angels
then found God
in the faithful heart
of a dog named Sam
and a ride in an old van
driven by a nameless
man etched in kindness

she loved him for
having the courage
to take the journey
and his loyalty
that held steadfast
when the jungle got
dark and scary

but mostly for
no explicable reason
she just loved him
and he her

and so they kept on
hand in hand
ready to see what
new adventures
fall in the jungle
would hold