When you surround yourself

in the richness 

of your own life. 

When you cloak yourself

in the depths 

of your own heart. 

Then the rest doesn’t matter

near as much. 

Because the only claim 

any of us really holds,

is the astounding world 

we were gifted 

to lay claim to inside. 



I wanted it to all flow

together seamlessly. 

Like an endless stream

of soft, cream silk. 

Except it didn’t. 

There were jagged edges. 

Frayed seams. 

Ends that didn’t quite meet,

yet kept rubbing up against 

each other,

unraveling things even more. 

It was so messy at times,

and not particularly in

a beautiful way. 

The only theme that

I could find that sort of

bound it all together

was this seamless love

that wanted to gentle 

the rough parts

and look with kindness 

on all that didn’t quite fit. 

It has taken me

a long time to realize,

it doesn’t have 

to fit,

or be beautiful,

or be soft to the touch. 

You just have to learn

to find the seamless love

that binds it all 

together anyways. 


what next 

There is always 

this matter 

of what now, what next?

I never know

the answer.

Except to say,

There is always laughter

to be found. 

There is always joy

to be found.

There is always love

to be found. 

Find those,

find Life. 

And never forget

about the matter of

your own salvation. 

Never stop seeking

for that 

which causes 

your unsung soul to sing.  



There’s no rush

to be

who you

are meant to be. 

Just a gentle


Or sometimes fast

and sudden. 

But either way,

you never know 

what you’ll get 

until you unfold. 

The thing to 

remember is-

it doesn’t have 

to look

a certain way,

this unfolding. 

You just have 

to find the courage

to let it happen

and be 

what it may. 


turquoise grace 

She had sunshine fever

in a cloudy place. 

Gypsy blood running

through the veins

of a girl Up North,

making her crave

water and kaleidoscopes of color. 

Turquoise grace and movement. 

Butterflies and softer things. 

Gallons of love,

on a daily basis. 

But most of all


acres of soul quenching space. 

To float the river

as she willed,

and find enough sky

to fly free.