I live here

I desire riches
by finding the hidden
treasures of moment
others so often miss.

I desire notoriety,
even if it’s just to
my cat and my dog,
for entreating in life
with extreme kindness.

I desire happiness,
the kind that knows
happy starts each day
we awake and take
new breath.

I desire adventure,
books, curiosity and
flights of whimsy
taking me to new cliffs
from which to leap.

I desire color, music,
art, expression and
saving myself through
each word, scrap,
sketch, and note.

I desire a warm place
to lay my head
and a lap in which
to lay and be blessed
with warm grace.

I desire love,
the kind that leaves
no stoned unturned
in it’s ferocious quest
to simply state,

I live here.


for tux

he had been his friend
faithful and true
traveling across the ocean
in a carrier cage

he tucked into small spaces
took breaths like Darth Vadar
and looked at his human
as if he’d hung the moon

he had a black coat
a jokers smile
and an unassuming posture
other than the assumption
that he be near his friend

and he will be missed