Cannon Beach

She counted 37 cherry blossoms
in the time it took him to order
iced tea and dungeness crab.

They walked down to the beach
and wondered if they might
someday live there, as the birds
sang their song of V’s in the sky.

She told him she was a dreamer
every night a gossamer strand
of web, weaving itself into her
sleep, bringing some new truth.

He told her his dreams were of
joy and mountains and girls from
alaska and houses on the beach,

They sipped tea and walked on,
smiling at the birds, speaking of
dreams, talking of somedays.

Realizing that somedays
start today.



What a strange thing
to realize while
she found herself
ugly in the depth
of despair,
she came alive
to her beauty.

With nothing left but
the words written
on her heart reminding
her to love anyway,
the needle of her broken
compass telling her
to keep searching,
and a clinging scrap
of faith that whispered
life knew what it was doing,
she found solace.

Stripped of all else,
her soul was beautiful
in the dark of her need.