Nobody who is called to this path
wants to walk it.

It is not for the faint of heart
or thin of skin
or the ones who seek ease or acceptance
or those who’d stall when soul gives call.

It comes at a cost
-a ripping of your seams-
(and maybe more than once, two times,
three times, so many times I’ve lost count)
so Life can keep taking you apart
and make the room to stretch your heart.

Teach you about what is real.
Teach you the mystery of change.
Sweep you up into a city of clouds
where you see the darkness, the burning, the hurting, the pain-
see the great need
for peace
for healing
for love
in the staunched flow of humanity’s veins.

You’ll be bade to go down deep,
find your pearls amongst dark sediment,
charged to face the shadow selves
and learn the grace of penitence,
there but the grace of love go I
these words become your catechist,
and you can’t be anything but true-
fierce authenticity your regiment.

You will find yourself to lose yourself.
Learn to become to be undone.
And just when you’ve reached a stasis of place,
Life will ask you to leave that comfort zone,
pack up your heart to learn new space.

I wouldn’t wish this path on anyone,
it is some of the loneliest steps I ever walked.

And yet I have many guides, unseen by the eyes,
the trees are my friends and my spirits the sky,
I see the love laced web connecting you –and all that lays between– and I.
So reluctant steps with faithful bent
(you really can’t ignore the insistent soul’s intent)
I keep stepping towards the light.