Update on 6.1.20.

This post was the last one I chose to do on this blog. Sunshine in Winter is a blog I began years ago when I was finding my way in love and life, and I’ve chosen to keep it online as a way to preserve my earlier writings.

My writing eventually grew into books, and I now post over on my my author’s site.  You can find me there and stay up to date by joining my monthly newsletter Intuitive You (formerly called your heart magic) or on my IG or FB Page.

Thank you for all the memories Sunshine in Winter Friends!

Dr. BethAnne

Hello sunshine in winter friends!

Dr. BethAnne here, taking a quick break from poetry and popping in to let you know about something a few of you may be interested in.

I’ve created a monthly offering called Your Heart Magic, which is launching this week. Some of you have been with me from the way back beginning of sunshine in winter -(back when I had a 3 instead of a 4 in front of my age, could barely figure out how to properly format a blog, and writing a book felt big, scary and foreign)- and I wanted to point you in the right direction if  you’re inclined to join and connect!

(Forgive me if I sound the least bit sale-sy in the following <= that’s what I’m trying to avoid by starting this! And there’s nothing to sell actually, I just want to share so you know the how, who, where, and why of what Your Heart Magic is about!)

YHMBlurb (1)

What is Your Heart Magic?

Your Heart Magic is a monthly soul-care letter, which goes straight to your inbox on the first Thursday of each month. I called it Your Heart Magic, because I so believe in heart magic.

Our hearts are a magical force within us that have the ability to feel, break, mend, heal, and transcend their previous shapes.

That’s magic to me, and I believe we can live more authentically when we listen to our hearts and follow their wisdom. And if you follow any of my work, then you know that I’ve been on the journey of the heart for quite a while now, and I support others in doing the same through my words and work.

“Follow your heart magic into worlds unknown. Learn your sacred language of soul. Skip to the rhythm of your spirit’s drum beat. Taste the kind nectar of this world’s bittersweet. With your joyful abandon and crystalline wings, become so authentically, beautifully BIG- – you have no place to go but up, up, up into sky’s rainbow seam. And there in the cusp of divinity’s reach, you’ll find the soft grace to set yourself free.”

What’s does Your Heart Magic include?

Each monthly dose includes an inspirational video, a written reflection, prompts to facilitate heart-wisdom and heart-care, along with any updates on creative projects and discounts on my work for members of the community. Your Heart Magic is a free, zippo-zilch strings attached, once a month resource that I’ve crafted, because I genuinely want to foster authentic connection, provide heart-based wisdom, and organically share my work.

If this calls to your heart, I would so love for you to be a part of Your Heart Magic and sign up! Joining is easy peasy lemon squeezy: click HERE to find out more and sign up for a huge dose of love, light, and creativity delivered to your inbox this Thursday!


(AND in the meantime, as a thank you, you’ll immediately receive an appreciation email with a free book on ideas for fostering soul-care and self-love. YAY!)

I hope everybody is having such a magical Monday, making space for themselves, doing kind things and just allowing yourself to human where ever you’re at. Take a moment today and thank your heart for standing with you all this time, healing the wounds of the past, opening to the gifts of your present, preparing itself for all the beauty that is come as you keep walking the path.

And with that I bid you a beautiful adieu, and sunshine in winter will go back to our normal line up of thoughtful, nature-y, mystical, joyful, spiritual poetry!

In hope, Dr. BethAnne K.W.

“Send gratitude to your younger self; thank her or him for showing up and helping you get you this far. Pause for a bit in presence and allow the future to unspool in its own time, knowing it will be written in exact accordance with the highest script of your self and soul. Wrap your present self in a giant bow and hug; give them all the love; thank your heart for supporting your path and know there are more beautiful things to come.”